Book Review: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

5/5 stars

The Bromance Book Club is the first book in The Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams. The next book, Undercover Bromance, will be out next March.

This has been a highly anticipated read for me because I have been on a kick lately for rekindling romance. My hopes were high, and yet somehow this book still exceeded my expectations.

Gavin is adorable and I loved the exploration of his insecurities. Books about “perfect” alpha men are so tiresome. I love that Gavin was willing to admit his wrongdoings (eventually), yet stand firm when he needed to.

Thea’s character was relatable AF. Losing myself to motherhood and being a wife is something I struggled with a lot after my second son was born so watching her have those same struggles and break through them was great.

The scenes of the guys in the book club are hilarious. There were a wide range of characters in the book club, from a high rolling club owner, to a hockey player with a *terrible* gas and other stomach ailments, to other baseball players on Gavin’s team. They all added valued commentary and comic relief.

The next book is about Mack and Liv, which should be interesting. I really couldn’t stand Liv’s character in TBBC, so hopefully she redeems herself a little.

Audio Review: 5/5 stars – The Bromance Book Club was narrated by Maxwell Caulfield and Andrew Eiden. Maxwell Caulfield did the voices of the regency romance snippets at the beginnings of some of the chapters. I love the decision to bring in a different voice actor for those snippets because it added a layer of separation of the books and “real-life” without feeling like it was jarring to the story.

The narration by Andrew Eidan was particularly fantastic, He gave each character an easily discernible voice and seamlessly flipped back and forth between characters.

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