Book Review: Vow of Thieves, by Mary E. Pearson

5/5 stars

Vow of Thieves is the conclusion to the Dance of Thieves duology. It’s part of the Remnant Chronicles world and probably my favorite of all the books.

*mild spoilers ahead for VoT and definite spoilers for DoT*

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Vow of Thieves picks up shortly after Dance of Thieves ends (review here), with Kazi and Jase on their way back to Tor’s watch to tell them the good news. This book was filled with surprises at every turn, action, betrayal, heartbreak – I cried at least four times -, and love. The Ballenger’s family dynamic of love and loyalty is possibly even stronger in this book and I loved being able to see Kazi finally get to feel some of it.

My only gripe with The Beauty of Darkness (review) was the lack of a good epilogue, which was definitely not the case here! It was a full hour long on audio and wrapped up all five books perfectly. Again, like DoT, we got to see characters from The Remnant Chronicles and follow up with how they’re doing and see what the future of Tor’s watch will look like.

I cried at the end of the book because I really just didn’t want the series to end, but I was so happy to see the conclusion that so many deserved and mourned the loss of some beloved characters.

I’ve always liked how at the beginning of chapters there are excerpts from the first settlers, but the ones in this book were even more enthralling. It would be amazing if Pearson put together a compendium of the excerpts and includes the history in more detail!
Here is an article she wrote about the research she did on the books that’s really interesting!

I could go on and on about how much I love Pearson’s writing style and the worlds she creates. I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already!

Oh! and I found this too: for those of us who wish for more stories in this world (and after that last chapter?! come on!! we have to find out what that was about)!

Narrators- Karissa Vacker, James Patrick Cronin, Ann Marie Lee

Such a great audio cast! Karissa Vacker was easy to listen to and had a wide variety of voices to fit each character. James Patrick Cronin was almost perfect. he had one voice that was a little snively, but other than that he was great to listen to as well. Ann Marie Lee was back to read the chapter introductions so it was nice to hear a familiar voice.

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