Top 10 Tuesday (24)

“Top Ten Tuesday” is hosted at The Artsy Reader Girl.
Every week Jana picks a topic for us to do a top 10 list for and this week’s topic is…

Changes In My Reading Life

I chose to highlight the changes from 10 years ago to now. 10 years ago I was 22 and had just had my first son. I was married (still am 😊) and was 4 years into my US Navy contract.

  1. The biggest change from 2009 to 2019 is that in 2009 I was in the US Navy. I didn’t have a lot of time to read and I wasn’t really true to who I was at this time in my life so I think I probably read 2-3 books a year at that point. In contrast, I’m on track to read 120 this year.
  2. I didn’t listen to audiobooks, which is bananas because now I almost exclusively listen to them!
  3. When I did read I only read YA fantasy. I would have shunned the hell out of romance books, which is now one of my favorite genres.
  4. Actually speaking of YA, I hardly read it at all anymore because I have been having a very hard time connecting to YA characters for the past several years.
  5. No Kindle! I think had I had a Kindle or smart phone with book reading capabilities I may have read more…Maybe not though. As I said, I didn’t really like people knowing how much I liked to read.
  6. No library card. I couldn’t even tell you where the closest library was to me in 2009. Now it’s somewhere I frequent a lot and I even hold an online library card to The Brooklyn Library (check out this post if you want more info on how to get a non-resident library card).
  7. No blog, no Bookstagram, no Goodreads.
  8. Not open about being a Harry Potter fan. Ten years ago I would have never decked out my office, house, or car with HP merch, but here I am – walls, bookshelves, and drawers filled with HP stuff. That’s not to say I didn’t love the books, I was just a super low-key fan.
  9. I hardly purchased any books at all. I mean, I guess this seems like a given since I hardly read, but I collect books now like I never used to. When I was done reading in the past I used to give the books away or donate them. Being in the Navy had a lot to do with this though because the less stuff to lug around the better.
  10. I didn’t read with my kids. To be fair, I only had one and I had him in late 2009. Now though, we read together every night, whether it’s out loud or just sitting in the same room reading next to each other.

Phew, that was longer than I meant! What changes have you seen in your reading habits from 2009 to 2019?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday (24)

    1. It made me sad at first because I have so many YA books that I loved, but I’m also happy that my tastes have widened and introduced me to some really great authors and books I never would have checked out if if I only read YA.

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  1. I’m starting to read more YA than I care to before and getting a kindle and subscribing to kindle unlimited has been amazing! And thanks to Netgalley, I have more access to ARCs now and actually get to read more books before they publish. Getting a BOOKSTAGRAM and starting my blog has taken my reading life a step further and I enjoy writing and actually sharing reviews now❤️

    Thanks for stopping by mine earlier 💙

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